Generate Cue Sheets with Elevation Profiles, and Load Routes into Garmin Devices Directly From Google Maps

  1. Drag the following to your browser's bookmark/favorite's toolbar or right-click and choose "Add Bookmark"
    GoogleMap CueSheet

    If you are unable to add a bookmark this simple way, find out how to create a new bookmark for your browser, create one and manually set the URL for the bookmark to:

  2. Open in a browser window and create a route. See Best Practices below for instructions on creating routes in Google Maps.

  3. Click on the bookmark in your Bookmarks Bar

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Here are some sample routes in Google Maps. Click a link to view the route in Google Maps and then click the GoogleMap CueSheet bookmark.

Best Practices for Creating Routes in Google Maps

The native Google Maps interface is very easy and intuitive for creating routes. A few words of wisdom through experience:
  1. Choose "Get Directions" and then use Biking Directions or Driving Directions with Avoid Highways selected under "More Options"
  2. Start by establishing your start point and adding a destination at roughly the farthest point away from your start point. These points can be established by typing in addresses or by right-clicking and using Directions From Here, Directions To Here.
  3. Drag the blue line around to force Google to choose the roads you desire to get you from point A (Start) to point B
  4. Right Click at your final destination (often the Start Point) and choose "Add Destination"
  5. Once again, drag the blue line around to force Google to choose the roads you desire

Questions or Support

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